Yongho N. Nichodemus: Bamenda, Cameroon

Youngho N. NichodemusI was born in Ngoketunjia division in the North West Region of Cameroon in 1954 and lived the most part of my life in Bamenda, Cameroon. When I was a student in a Mission School, I was always fascinated by the sayings of the Greek philosophers (Socrates, Aristotle, Plato). Later on I started reading their writings and I became full of enthusiasm about their reasoning and searching for the underlying truth in all things. This marked my life afterwards. Philosophical searching through many and different schools of reasoning became a part of my life, along with my studies Civil Engineering. That philosophical searching out led me finally to the field of philosophy, which has become my inseparable companion.

Today, I cannot imagine life without philosophical reflection and reasoning, along with my other activities. Therefore, I am glad that there are other people in the ISFP Who also find philosophy significant for their life and we can exchange our thoughts and our concepts.

I am a Senior Lecturer at the Higher Teachers' Training College, Bambili of the University of Bamenda, Bamenda, Cameroon, Department of Philosophy, where I have taught for the past 14 years. Apart from teaching, I love reading and writing about philosophy and societal moral issues.

I carried out studies of philosophy at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I carried out my doctoral work at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I did specialisation studies in Peace and Conflict at the University of Bamenda. I have 7 books and more than 18 research papers in Philosophy and several dozens in other fields of societal issues, in addition to hundreds of popular philosophical papers presented in seminars and conferences.

Areas of Interest in Philosophy:

African Philosophy
Moral Philosophy
Philosophy of Education

Recent philosophy publications:

i) African Aesthetics
ii) Colonisation and Decolonisation: A Philosophical Approach
iii) Moral and Character Education. Volume I and II
iv) Technology and Human Dignity
v) African and Western Minds in Education

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