Peter Jones: West Yorkshire, UK

Peter Jones
Philosophy became an obsession when I retired early and finally had the time to devote some attention to it. Having formed a view as to the solution for its problems but having no skills in the presentation of my views, and with the issues still rather a muddle in my mind, I decided to try and organise my thoughts by way of writing a dissertation for the Pathways school with Dr. Geoffrey Klempner as my supervisor. It was a very fortunate decision for many reasons, not least for the incisive comments and general encouragement. The now much revised final version is available on my blog or at

Prior to this I wandered from playing guitar in bands, driving lorries, acquiring a music degree, running a van hire business, a garden supply business, freelance music teaching, setting up a recording studio and, finally, twenty years spent running a 'not for profit' music and media business.

These days I keep fighting to play the classical guitar as well as I'd like, of which there is no possibility, mix music, write essays for my blog and keep a small hobbyist record label going.

My philosophical aim, as far as it is relevant to anyone else, is to dissuade people from becoming ensnared in the utter pointlessness and dishonesty (in the main) of current academic philosophy and to get on and solve its problems for themselves, or at least to persuade them that these two things are possible.

Favourite scientists and philosophers would include, in no particular order, Erwin Schrodinger, Sri Aurobindo, Ulrich Mohrhoff, Kant, Schopenhauer, Spencer Brown, Jung, Nagarjuna, Bradley, Heraclitus, Heidegger, Plotinus, Radhakrishnan, Heidegger, Balsekar, Wei Wu Wei and anyone else who argues coherently for nondualism or advaita as the only workable solution for philosophy.


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