Iwona Munter: Kraków, Poland

Iwona Munter and friend

My interest in philosophy started when I was teenager. I was looking for a way of life. At first were the religions of the East — however it was too difficult — I met many people who told me about their 'faith' and eccentric theory of life. I did not know then if their beliefs were true.

Some years later I tried to understand what is 'knowledge'. While I was working at the local hospital as a blue-collar I was very keen on medicine and psychology, especially clinical psychology. The patients asked me philosophical questions, e.g. relating to suffering, death but I still did not know what to say. None of the books I read gave a satisfactory answer.

At last my adventure with philosophy has been developing at the Pontifical Academy of Theology in Kraków, Poland where I have been studying for the last few years.

Today I am a thirty-three year old student and have more and more understanding of personality and scientific development. In Kraków I study my favourite subjects, e.g. philosophy of mind (mind-body problem), philosophy of science and philosophy of language. While in Tarnów, philosophers are dealing with Hume, Locke, Berkeley and the problem of the existence of God or the relation between science and theology.

I wrote a few articles, e. g. 'Bioethics and personalism as educational postulates' (2005) and 'John Paul II on the relation between faith and reason in Christian philosophy' (2005). Recently I returned from Zielona Góra with my paper — here is a photo. Sitting next to me is my new friend who is also interested in philosophy.

I hope that some time I will get a degree.