Gerald Boone: Johnson City, Tennessee, USA

Gerald Boone with painting

Usually the best way to clear a room or get the noisy car next to you to move up a little is to discuss philosophy. The people with the music that can be heard 3 blocks away can stand heavy metal at 98db but they can't stand to hear of Kierkegaard... and somehow Kierkegaard spoken softly is heard over 98db heavy metal music!

"Most people avoid philosophy and yet everyday all of us make decisions based upon philosophical presuppositions."

I hope to learn philosophy that will help me live an examined, fulfilled life. I am a Christian and view all men as brothers, all women as sisters.

Usually my wife is the only one who wishes to examine the questions of life with me. Although I can see by some of the other postcards that there are other people from all over the globe who examine the Questions of Life as well.

Some of my Philosophy can be seen at:

I also have a blog at Philosophy News Service called Metaphysical Questions.

The photo is of myself holding a painting I made to express how I feel as I explore Metaphysical Questions.

Best Regards

Gerald Boone