Roberto Elias Alonso Sanchez: Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico

Roberto Elias Alonso Sanchez

26 years old

Philosophy been very present since my childhood. I remember I was always asking my parents and all the 'grown' people philosophical questions, until soon — before my 10th year — I realized the people who were supposed to be able to always provide me with answers, couldn't answer me things like, Why do we exist? Why do people think life must be separated from nature?

Then I went to study at Catholic elementary school in Wisconsin, USA. I became very interested in Science, and started to think very scientifically on one side, and on the other still answering with blind faith my philosophical questions.

Seven years passed, and I decided to study Chemical Engineering here at a private University in Guadalajara, Mexico. So there I was on my 'lovely career', until, almost half way through, I went to Europe and fell in Love with an Austrian girl who was an artist. We had a nice romance, me going to Vienna, she coming to Guadalajara. The romance eventually ended (friendship continues), and there I was with another human side I had forgotten...

Now I'm dedicated and very motivated towards psychology, but most of all to philosophy. I think it's very difficult to think of them as separated.

My 'philosophical view' or 'system' is: Everything is 100% natural, even airplanes, cellular phones, buildings, etc. If you ask: why?... Well I think we cannot escape Nature nor it laws. Nature created us, and gave us a 'brain-mind-tool-etc.' which happens to be 100% natural, so how can it create something artificial with natural things inside the Universe?... its like seeing a house made by a beaver on a river, and saying, 'it is artificially invading nature'.

My favorite philosophers: Kant, Schopenhauer, Wittgenstein, Viktor Frankl, Alan Watts and Plato.