Tatomir Ion-Marius: Sighetu Marmatiei, Romania

Tatomir Ion-Marius

To cry, or not to cry...that is the question...

Daily reports inform us about crimes and explosions caused by criminal hands; children, old people, young people are losing their lives in suffering, for they have no food and water, while the big players of international politics spend millions of dollars on armaments and military equipment and actions...

Interethnic wars, pollution, disease, accidents, earthquakes, floods — there are so many aspects of the human tragedy — why are these "players" blind, what kind of blindness has covered their eyes, that they do not see all these things? They do not hear, they do not see...we must put the question...really, why do we need such statue-like leaders, without sensibility, without shame, without human feelings...

Well, you will surely ask me, what do I mean by 'human feelings'? I will answer you...

By human feelings I understand the normal predisposition to be merciful and peace loving, to put the interests of society first, and all that these interests consist in: the healing of pain, giving a helpful hand to all who need it, homes for the homeless people, to build and not to destroy — and only charity can do it — to bring consciousness as closely as possible to the notion HUMAN, to give education and set an example to the youth in this spirit, to discover, to appreciate, to understand, and to practice the values of this cherished title.

We need peace.

Now, I will show you, what I think on violence.

The violence, the destructive force, which characterizes a great part of the world is a form of suicide of mankind.

And our duty, the duty of those of us who are peace loving, constructive people, is to stop this degenerative process which poisons the hope of the future of our children, and like a nightmare is spoiling the beautiful dreams that we build for them.

How can we let these things happen?

Everyone must see the horrible, hideous, repulsive face of violence, its ugly apparition, with its typical effects: death, torture, mutilated people, tears from the eyes of mothers, sons, wives, fathers, children without childhood; and more than that, not just to see, but never accept, use or make concessions to violence.

Homo sapiens must to become "Homo Pacificus".

I am sure you have observed the stupidity of violence — because it is a form of self-destruction of the human race, and of the planet. It is between the two negative philosophical categories of stupidity and the non-esthetic that I place violence.

Just to build, just to construct, to elevate — just in these actions the esthetic takes part, and any distancing from these principles constitutes the contrary of peace, the beautiful, the esthetic, and the approach to violence, to the ugly, to the non-esthetic, in other words:

Stop the violence.