Hubertus Fremerey: Bonn, Germany

Hubertus Fremerey

This is me, Hubertus Fremerey (pronounced "frame-a-rye"), born 1940, having spent most of my life in Bonn, Germany, where I live today as a single man with bad hearing but (mostly) good temper.

While I was interested in philosophical things from youth, I never studied philosophy formally, but became a mathematical physicist and worked in industry, developing computer-programs.

Because of this background — and since several of my male relatives were high ranking officers or full professors or higher civil-servants, I always was very aware of "responsibility of those in charge". From this I got interested in those philosophical problems that concern law and the state, and public, economic and social order. This explains my constant interest in the topic of "What makes a good society today?", where I try to combine philosophical with political, historical, economical, social and technical questions.

All things combined I see myself as a pragmatist, asking for the practical origins and consequences of philosophical arguments.

Hubertus Fremerey is a member of the Board of the International Society for Philosophers.