Simone Klein: Vienna, Austria

Simone Klein portrait

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Some years ago Lady Sophia whispered to me through the book Sofie's World. Since then I've been awaking to "loving wisdom" in various ways.

First I had the wrong idea, that all my questions about Goodness, Beauty and Truth would be answered during my studies at the Correspondence University of Hagen. Instead of this I received an intensive "collegium logicum" which resulted in very tight laced "Spanish boots". I began to ask myself why, whereas in most academic fields there's also an applied branch, they had no course on applied philosophy!

Being quite frustrated, Epicurus one day helped me: "Empty is the argument of the philosopher which does not relieve any human suffering." At least philosophy had once practical use! Epicurus' words kept echoing in me and I began to look for developing in philosophy in more practical ways.

One of them is being mentor at Pathways, which I appreciate very much, as I learn at least as much from my students as they learn from me. Another of these ways is doing philosophical counseling, which can be said to be "the art of applying philosophical reasoning, conceptual analysis and logic to personal dilemmas, moral problems, and concerns that individuals face in everyday life". This is one of the great challenges of philosophy:

To become whole within ourselves.

On the more academic level I believe the great challenge lies in the reintegration of Philosophy, Science and Religion.

Hoping to meet you at Pathways,

Yours faithfully,