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Feature articles

Han Xiaoqiang  On Reference Failure

Max Malikow  Opsigeria: A Blessing or a Curse?

Alfredo Lucero-Montano  Nietzsche's On the Advantage and Disadvantage of History for Life

Matt Kundert  What Pragmatism Is

Peter S. Borkowski  Composition as Epistemology

Peter Jones  The Case for a Neutral Metaphysical Position

Martin Jenkins  Post-Modernism: What's the Difference?

Mark Westmoreland  Reflections on the Idea of Race

Jahnabi Deka  The Role of Logic in Philosophy: An Appraisal of Bertrand Russell's Standpoint

Peter B. Raabe  Placebo Religion and Philosophy

D.R. Khashaba  What's Wrong With Darwinism?

Richard Schain  Significance of the Sense of Holiness

Martin Jenkins  Time for the Leviathan?

Hubertus Fremerey  Some Remarks on the Nature of Philosophy (II)

Hubertus Fremerey  Some Remarks on the Nature of Philosophy (I)

Pierre Pouget  A Rope Stretched Over an Abyss: Ethics, Law and Neuroscience

Richard H. Corrigan  Evaluative Judgement, Motivation and the Moral Standard

Richard Grego  Global Warming, Environmental Philosophy and Public Policy: John Dewey vs Martin Heidegger

Matthew Del Nevo  Jesus as a Jewish Philosopher

Martin Jenkins  Nietzsche and The Birth of Tragedy

V. Prabhu  Wittgenstein on Ethics: A Struggle Towards Perfection

Nicholas Joll  How to Live? Reflections on a Piece by John Shand

Sanchita Bora  Human Life, Philosophy and Philosophical Outlook

Anthony Kelly  Resolving Aristotle's Antinomy of Creation

Jordi Vallverdu  A View on Statistical Schools

Martin Jenkins  The Argument from Design as Proof of Intelligent Designer?

Alfredo Lucero-Montano  Hegel's Preface to the Phenomenology of Spirit

Richard Schain  The Problem and Promise of Consciousness

Martin Jenkins  Levinas, Totality and the Other

Aine Kelley  Wallace Stevens: the Impossible Possible Philosophers' Man

Richard Grego  Dualism, Consciousness and Self-Identity in Descartes and Sartre

Alfredo Lucero-Montano  On Cartesian Metaphysics

Seher Yekenkurul  Interview with David Chalmers

Martin Jenkins  Heidegger, Technology and Our Future

Seher Yekenkurul  Interview with Graham Priest

D.R. Khashaba  Explaining Explanation

Hermann Pietersen  A Meta-Theoretical Analysis of the Philosophy of Richard Rorty

Richard Schain  The Last Infirmity of the Noble Mind

Vikram Singh  On Criticism and the Purpose of Arts

Hubertus Fremerey  Some Thoughts on What We Call Real

Omar Khan  Will to Power in the Eternal Recurrence

Ovidiu Gherghe  The Dweller in the Region

D.R. Khashaba  Plato's Answer to Alan Turing's Question

Nathan Segars  The Dilemma of Non-Violence

Alfredo Lucero-Montano  Horkheimer and Adorno's Dialectic of Enlightenment

Dr A.B. Kelly  An Emergent Eschatology

John J. Eberts  Philosophical relationship of Scientific Naturalism and Religion

Nick Redfern  A Brief Outline of Radical Constructivism

Rachel Browne  Alan Soble's Pornography, Sex and Feminism

Herman J Pietersen  Critical Commentary on Richard Rorty's Thought

Lawrence Trevanion  J. Baggott's Beyond Measure: Modern Physics, Philosophy and the Meaning of Quantum Theory

John Dudley  Johnson on Meaning: The Great Lexicographer's Modern Approach to Meaning

Herman J Pietersen  The Philosophy of Robert M Pirsig

D.R. Khashaba  Kierkegaard and Socrates

Daniel Silvermintz  Who Escapes Plato's Cave?

Jurgen Lawrenz  Leibniz on the Good Life

Brandon Johns  Moral Objectivity and Moral Relativism

Andrew Watson  Mimesis in Aristotle and Pollock

D.R. Khashaba  Interpreting Plato

Ruel F. Pepa  Resolving the Objective-Subjective Conflict in Moral Valuation

Martin Herzog  Considerations on Web-Philosophy

Kieran Cashell  Walter Benjamin's Philosophy of the Future

D.R. Khashaba  Giordano Bruno and the Dream of Humanism

Charles Hlavac  Criminal Justice, Causation and Society

Arthur Brown  The Man From Whom God Hid Nothing

Hubertus Fremerey  Two Concepts of Truth

Arthur Brown  Was Kant a Mystic?

Richard Schain  Philosophy: Rigorous Science or Intuitive Thought

D.R. Khashaba  The Euthyphro as a Philosophical Work

Erwin B. Laya  Personal Transformation: A Personal Integrity

Charles Hlavac  "Creation Science" vs Evolutionary Theory, or Science vs Mythology

Constantine Sandis  Philosophy for Younger People: a Polemic

John Eberts  Natural Philosophy and the Controversy Concerning the Church's Position in the Development of Science 1500—1800

Jeff Meyerhoff  Arguments beyond Reason: Rationally Justifying the Exploration of the Psychological Bases of Beliefs

Ovidiu Gherge  The Architecture of Objects and the Human Designer

D.R. Khashaba  Some Remarks on Richard Rorty's Pragmatism

Ruel F. Pepa  An Intimate Reflection

D.R. Khashaba  Was Keats a Fool?

Lawrence J.C. Baron  A Lover's Dilemma

David Seaman  Dr Johnson and the Stone

Herdy L. Yumul  Teaching Philosophy

Sheldon James Martin  In Pursuit of Buber's Unity of Being

Jürgen Lawrenz  Determinism and Philosophical Hygiene

Walter Llewellyn McKone  Osteopathic Philosophy: The Metaphysical Medicine

Ruel F. Pepa  Nurturing the Imagination of Resistance: Some important views from contemporary philosophers

Vasco Kunft  Moral Dialogue

Stuart Burns  Free Will Versus Determinism

Raoul Nakhmanson  Three Axioms of Democracy

Stephen Lewis  On the Question of Questions

Seamus Mulholland  Philosophy and the Martial Arts

Hubertus Fremerey  What is 'Modern' in Modern Philosophy?

Archil Avaliani  Kant — The Death Penalty

Ochieng Ombok  Does Matter Exist Objectively?

Kay Critchett  Day Out

Ruel F. Pepa  The Dynamics of Love as Fertility, Formity and Formality in Ancient Mythologies

Vikram Singh  Monologue on Art

Richard Schain  The Pointillist Canvas of Eternity

D.R. Khashaba  Kant and the Enlightenment Promise

Ovidiu Gherge  Inspirations for the Unbounded Seeker

Alexandre Guilherme  Teaching Formats for Small Group Philosophy Tutorials

Alfredo Lucero-Montano  On Walter Benjamin's Concept of History

D.R. Khashaba  Where is 'I'?

Charles Hlavac  The Ethics and Politics of Abortion: Local and Global

D.R. Khashaba  Thoughts on Language

Brian Tee  William James's Account of Truth

Munayem Mayenin  Dehumanisation of Humanity: Capitalist Period — Colonisation

Alfredo Lucero-Montano  Spinoza's Ethics: Freedom and Determinism

D. R. Khashaba  Free Will

Hubertus Fremerey  On the Notion of a 'Good Society'

Justin Robert Woods  The Circularity of Defending Reason in the Cartesian Circle

James Martin  The Will as Expectation

Tim LeBon  Practitioners, not Jumpers

George Mashour  Nietzsche's Zarathustra: A New Dimension in Freud's Structural Theory of the Mind

Alfredo Lucero-Montano  Artifacts and Persons

Anthony Ross  Metaphysics, Predestination and Free Will

Jürgen Lawrenz  Discourse on Malady: a fiction

John Eberts  East West Perspective on the Metaphysical Aspects of Self

D.R. Khashaba  Must Values be Objective?

Jürgen Lawrenz  Art and the 'Object Mentality'

Richard Schain  Metaphysics and the Problem of Existence

Jürgen Lawrenz  Death, Free Will, Value

Colin Amery  Is the Fear of Death Irrational?

Richard Anthone and Steve Williams  From the Republic of Letters to the Empire of Email

Chris Jones  The Ineffable "I"

Mike Parry  Moral Philosophy and Business

Anthony Flood  On "Four Forms of Redistribution"

Atul Aggarwal  Reality: A Knowledge Beyond Knowing

John Paolini  The Possibility of God: An Essay in the Philosophy of Religion

Brian Tee  The (Im)Possibility of (Desire of) God: A Reply to John Paolini

Munayem Mayenin  Dehumanisation of Humanity: Feudal Period

David Allen Cook  His Tears Have Given Birth to Men: Freud, Nietzsche and the Dionysian Instinct

James Martin  Is it Reasonable to Fear the Death of Life?

Henk Tuten  The Inevitability of Philosophy

Carmen Pavel  Freedom and Fairness

D.R. Khashaba  Science and the Mind

Munayem Mayenin  Dehumanisation of Humanity: Slavery

Henk Tuten  Mini-Tractatus

John Eberts  Jean Piaget and Immanuel Kant: The Concept of the A Priori

Richard Schain  Nietzsche's Visionary Values — Genius or Dementia?

Hubertus Fremerey  On the Three Cultures: a view from the philosophical side

Martin O'Hagan  Science and Reality

James Martin  Mind, Body and Personal Identity

D.R. Khashaba  Subjectivism and Solipsism

Francis Gilbert  Meditations upon Rational Thought, Possibility and Education

Munayem Mayenin  Dehumanisation of Humanity: Zero Ground

Dmitry Olshansky  Strategy of "Immersion" in Historical Reading

D.R. Khashaba  God or Nature: the Evolutionist—Creationist Controversy

Martin O'Hagan  Free Will, Fatalism and Determinism

Jeffrey W. Barnes  My Spectacles

Martin O'Hagan  Epictetus and Stoicism

Michael Brett  Crockford's Philosophy

Katharine Hunt  What a Wonderful World

Larry Barksdale  Philosophy and Policing

Dmitry Olshansky  Foundations of Non-Classical Thinking

Richard Schain  Toward a Radical Metaphysics

Peter B. Raabe PhD  Professional Philosophy Outside the Academy: Philosophical Counseling

Michael Brett  On The Cloud of Unknowing

Dmitry Olshansky  Science, Religion and Philosophy

Colin Amery  Wittgenstein's Poker — A Moment of Destiny

Ochieng Ombok  Truth

Martin O'Hagan  Ancient and Modern Philosophy

Dmitry Olshansky  Methodology of Scientific and Religious Cognition

Colin Amery  Colin Wilson's The Outsider

Martin O'Hagan  Philosophical considerations on discourse/ praxis

John Paolini  Existence: The truth that hides in error

Colin Amery  On first reading Sartre's Nausea

John Paolini  Doing Philosophy: Thinking Independently

Karolos Gikas  One question is worth many answers

Katharine Hunt  Philosophy for children

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