philosophy is for everyone
and not just philosophers

philosophers should know lots
of things besides philosophy

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Philosophical Connections
History of Western Philosophy with
itemised analysis of the connections
between the theories and concepts of
Ancient, Medieval and Modern thinkers
compiled by Anthony Harrison-Barbet

Electronic Philosopher
Archive of over a thousand essay
reviews written for my students taking
the six Pathways to Philosophy, the ISFP
Associate and Fellowship Awards and
University of London Diploma and BA

Feature articles
Articles from the electronic journal
Philosophy Pathways by independent and
professional philosophers, and Pathways
to Philosophy students and mentors

University of London BA
Advice and resources for students taking
the Diploma and BA (Hons) degree in
Philosophy with the University of London
International Programjme

Philosophy lovers gallery
Virtual post cards from students and
their mentors and philosophy
lovers around the world

Hub pages

International Society for Philosophers
Web site for the International Society
for Philosophers with an archive of
essays and dissertations submitted
for the Associate and Fellowship
Awards of the ISFP

Geoffrey Klempner
Home page of Dr Geoffrey Klempner
including links to his books and articles
newspaper interviews and the history
of Pathways to Philosophy