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Dr Anthony Harrison-Barbet

'Dr. Anthony Walton Harrison-Barbet: An Obituary' by Cliona Dando Philosophy Pathways Issue 144

Philosophical Connections e-text by Anthony Harrison-Barbet


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Date: Mon, 03 Nov 2008 23:25:37 +0000
From: Dr A. W. Harrison-Barbet
To: Geoffrey Klempner
Subject: Philosophical Connections

Dear Geoffrey,

Just a brief note (before I go off to my bed) to say I have just seen Philosophical Connections on the website. Congratulations -- you are doing a brilliant job. It looks splendid. Very many thanks. I haven't studied it in depth. (The only tiny error I noticed was the omission of the o umlaut in Göttingen in the note about the compiler.) It's a very sensible move to add the Profiles over a period of time. It must be a pretty heavy task. I hope it will indeed prove to be of value to your students.

Thanks again and all good wishes,