Stuart Burns: Mississuaga, Ontario, Canada

Stuart Burns


I recently advised you that my wife and I took a 2 week cruise around Italy in April–May. In your last communication, you suggested that I might like to offer a brief commentary, with pictures.

Please find attached "" (3.83 mb).

This zipped archive contains "ItalyCruise.doc", a word document with pictures. And it also contains all the *.jpg files for the pictures. I was not sure in what format you would best be able to use the pictures, so I have provided you with alternatives.

All the Best,

Stuart Burns


Saturday, May 5th: Taormina (Sicily), Italy

The weather had been deteriorating for a couple of days. Because we would be tendered into the port (no pier at which our ship could dock) all tours were cancelled due to the rough sea conditions. We were planning on visiting Mount Etna (currently erupting), but we will have to catch it on another trip. So we had a day at sea — actually a welcome respite from the hectic pace we had been keeping. I got a chance to do some reading. (That's Perception, Robert Schwartz Ed.)

Cruise ship Stuart Burns with wife Stuart Burns with pigeons