Vinayak Shankar: Bangalore City, Karnataka, India


Hello sir,
Hope you are fine sir, inspiring all those who come across you.
It was a great gift you have given me sir by publishing my little work on a great place. Then after I had something to say for all those who criticized my works. All because of you sir, I feel so good to have some one like you who understood what it feels to think about philosophy.

And this time I have attached with this mail a picture I wrote and then scanned it for you. It is all about defining LIFE in its own means and all I had to say about it is illustrated in the picture. Just felt I will share this thought with you ....Thank you, sir.

      [ V I N A Y A K ]


[See 'Aphorisms on Metaphysics' by Vinayak Shankar in Philosophy Pathways Issue 95]